Sales 3

Don Mayes
Sales Consultant - Harry K Ford Store

605-842-2505 Office

605-840-4954 Mobile

Don has been with Harry K's since 1995. He and his wife, Cathy, have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Don grew up in the Ideal, SD area. He enjoys hunting, something he did a bit of growing up. He's seen it all (or most of it anyway!) in his twenty plus years of selling vehicles. He can tell some stories! Don releases his inner John Wayne by competing in Cowboy Fast Draw competitions around the area. He doesn't catch any crap when he's packing heat!

Paul Dansman
Sales Consultant - Harry K Ford Store

605-842-2505 Office

605-831-9870 Mobile

Paul grew up the youngest of six children in Hartford, SD. He is a self admitted "social butterfly" which he attributes to an experience in third grade! He is a high energy guy who enjoys simple things. He enjoys throwing darts and "being social". We encourage you to "befriend" Paul to add a little zest to your "Facebook" feed. He handles the Harry K Ford page as well!

Brian Steilen
Sales Consultant - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

605-516-0696 Mobile

Brian grew up in Chamberlain before moving to Huron when he was 12 years old. He found his way back to the River City in 2015. He has four children (Mason, Breckin, Kenadie and Kooper) who keep him on the go. A NASCAR enthusiast, Brian would love to venture to Daytona for "Speed Week" some day. In the mean time, he likes to throw darts and "grill and chill" with his kids!

Darlene Layh
Business Manager - Harry K Ford Store

605-842-2505 Office

Darlene has been with Harry K's since 2001. She and her husband, Glenn, have two grown sons and a granddaughter. Darlene grew up on a farm near Norris, SD, where she learned that there was always something to be done. That's probably why she keeps herself busy sewing, cooking and gardening. We were interested to hear that Darlene has coloring books and colors in her drawer. But the salesmen tell us she has rescued more than one deal by engaging a child of a prospective buyer whose patience had worn out with one of those coloring books!

Marla Maxon
Business Manager - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

Marla and her husband, Jim, have two kids and two grandkids. She has been the business manager at Harry K Chevrolet 2012. Her enthusiasm for life is pretty contagious and may be traced back to a lesson about smiling at everyone you meet that her mother taught when she was young. If her smile doesn't get them, her hardy laugh certainly will! She and Judy (Knust) like to break away for short walks a couple times a day. We would love to go along on one of these walks because they come back with the answers to many of the world's questions! Do be alarmed if she is barefoot when you come to the store. She doesn't like to wear anything on her feet!

Julie Fuller
Business Clerk - Harry K Ford Store

605-842-2505 Office

Julie, a Winner native, started with Harry K's in 2016. She and her husband, Jerry, have a young daughter named Lily, who occupies most of Julie's time away from work. They have a moody cat named Gizmo whose best friend is Lilly! We think motherhood may have helped fulfill Julie's desire to be an educator.

Snickers The Dealership Dog
Customer Relations Mgr.

Snickers loves people so she is in charge of customer relations! She will greet you with a wag of her tale and a little begging for love. BE CAREFUL! If you pet her, she WILL be back for more! Snickers is at the GM Store on M-T-Th-F and at the Ford Store on W. You can read more about Snickers here:

Dealer 2

Doug Knust
Harry K Chevrolet Buick & Harry K Ford Store

800-888-0544 Office

605-680-9999 Mobile

Judy Knust
Administration/Title Clerk - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

Allison Mulhair
Finance & Insurance Manager - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

605-695-4615 Mobile

Allison has been with Harry K's since 2007. She and her fiance, Kip (who is a technician for Harry K's) have one son. She likes to spend her spare time farming (and ranching). They have have a Blue Nose American Bully (T-Bone) that apparently looks pretty good in a sweater vest! If you want to get something done, see Allison. She has a lot of energy and is very efficient. If she doesn't know how, she'll jump right in and learn. She makes sure everyone at Harry K's "dots the I's" and "crosses the T's".

Kelly Roberts
Manager - Credit Express Autos

605-734-5363 Office

605-730-1711 Mobile

Kelly has been with Credit Express/Harry K's since 2012. She has six grown children and eleven grandchildren (with more on the way!). She loves to spend spare time at her brother, Kip's, farm. We know she has lots of boots to wear at the farm! Kelly manages the Credit Express Autos store where she can finance you or take you to Harry K's to get you the vehicle you want at a payment you can afford.

Kirk Bainter
General Manager/F&I Manager - Harry K Ford Store

605-842-2505 Office

605-842-5624 Mobile

Kirk and his wife have five children and seven grandchildren. He has been at Harry K's since 2001. He enjoys hunting and fishing and does a little "homebrewing" in his spare time. We're not sure what he's brewing but we'd love to try it! Kirk is a born storyteller. He writes a regular column for the "Winner Advocate". You can find his past columns online at "Storytime with Kirk Bainter" ( We think these stories are best served with a little "homebrew"! Right Kirk?!

Scott Moffenbier
General Sales Manager - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

605-484-4856 Mobile

Moff has been sales manager at Harry K Chevrolet since 2008. He has two daughters, a son and two grandkids. If he isn't at Harry K's, you can find him at the Chamberlain Country Club where he is usually taking quarters from some unsuspecting chump! He has also been known to take out a few of the local pheasants that make the mistake of picking gravel on the roads during his "rounds"! Moff was a helicopter pilot in the National Guard but after listening to a few of his stories, we've yet to meet anyone who would take to the skies with him! He shares a lesson learned from his mother: take the time to do things right, it takes less time than doing it twice. We agree Mrs. Moff!

Parts 10

Julie Forester
Parts Manager - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

Julie has been with Harry K's since 2013. She has two sons and enjoys the outdoors - hunting, fishing, boating and camping. Like a true parts manager, she has a bit of scavenger in her - she loves to dig through junk at old farmsteads! We expect that someday Julie will load up a big motor home and when we ask her where she is headed, she'll answer "Somewhere! Anywhere!". When she finds her favorite campground, she'll soon be running it!

Shane Phillips
Parts Manager - Harry K Ford

605-842-2505 Office

Russell Hoffer
Harry K Napa Manager

605-842-2505 Office

Russell has been at Harry K's since 2011. He and his wife, Sarah, have a daughter. Russell enjoys car racing and has been known to traverse around the area in search of a track to conquer! He also does a bit of farming in his spare time. We were a bit concerned when we heard that Russell liked Tequila - until we learned that was his German Shepherd's name!

Kelly Brunmeier
Harry K NAPA Sales

605-842-2505 Office

Kelly has been with Harry K NAPA since 1987. He has three grown ids and three grandchildren. Kelly like to get afield in his spare time to do a bit of hunting. He also enjoys riding his ATV as well. We like to say that Kelly knows "where all the bodies are buried" in the NAPA store! We're hoping that none of the NAPA parts have been around as long as Kelly has!

Andy Dubray
Harry K Napa Sales

605-842-2507 Office

Andy started with Harry K's in 2015. He and his wife, Crystal, have a son and a daughter. Andy enjoys the outdoors - especially hunting ,fishing and camping. He has a couple of labs that enjoy those activities with him. He came to Harry K's with a wealth of both auto parts and retail experience. He was a manager at Shopko and worked at an auto parts store prior to that. Andy is a retail kind of guy. He is great with the customer!

Rodney Foote
Parts & Delivery

Greg Grimshaw
Harry K Mission NAPA Sales

605-856-4466 Office

Mike Bellinger
Harry K Mission NAPA Sales

605-856-4466 Office

Bill Hesse
Harry K Mission NAPA Sales

605-856-4466 Office

Chris Beauvais
Harry K Mission Electronics Manager

Gary Myers
Parts & Service Director - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

Gary has three sons and a grandson. He has been with Harry K's since 1982. (We wonder how many General Motors Service Reps Gary has had to train in his career!) Gary enjoys golfing, boating and pool billiards in his spare time. We think Gary's alter ego is a guy by the name of Gaylord White who roms the beaches of Rio de Janeiro!

Brian Juhnke
GM Certified Technician

605-234-6064 Office

Brian has been a technician at Harry K's since 2005. He is married and has a son and a daughter. Brian, who is a Chamberlain native, enjoys bowling, fishing, hunting and gardening. We wonder if Brian knows something we don't know because we have seen that gas mask he has in his toolbox! Brian tells us that his mother and wife, Alex, have taught him that clothes that aren't in the basket don't get washed. He's learned where the basket is!

Cody Mckenzie
Ford Certified Technician

605-842-2505 Office

Cody has been with Harry K's since 1999. He and his wife have three children. Cody enjoys bowling, camping, fishing and hunting in his spare time. We are grateful that Cody chose to followed in his father's footsteps. Dick was a technician at Harry K's for many years and Cody learned the craft from a very talented guy!

Cody Anderson
Technician - Harry K Ford

605-842-2505 Office

Cody has been at Harry K's since 2011. He has a a son who keeps him quite busy. He loves to hunt and fish. Did we say he loves to hunt and fish? We meant he LOVES to hunt and fish. We're pretty sure that if he wasn't servicing cars and trucks at Harry K's, he would be filming "Outdoor Adventures with Cody" for the Outdoor Channel!

Rick Biggins
Body Shop Technician - Harry K Ford

605-842-2505 Office

Rick has been with Harry K's since 2010. He and his wife, Pam, have four children and one grandchild. In his spare time, he likes to hunt and fish. Rick started with Harry K's as a technician. We drew on his past experience and expertise to help us launch our body shop in 2012. Rick has the "Macgyver" gene when it comes to cars. Regardless of the problem, he can fix it!

Marty Herman
Body Shop Technician - Harry K Ford

605-842-2505 Office

Marty started with Harry K's in 2013. He has a daughter. He fills his spare time with automobiles too as he enjoys car racing. Rick has a great deal of experience working on vehicles. He and Rick have a synergy when it comes to body repair. They work together very efficiently. We are betting that he will someday fulfill his dream of restoring an old truck - perhaps in the Harry K shop!

Mike Henning
Technician - Harry K Chevrolet Buick

605-234-6064 Office

You don't have to visit with Mike long to know he grew up somewhere south of here; in his case, it was Oklahoma. He has been an oil tech and technician at Harry K's for since 2014. Mike loves to spend time with his dog, Jack, a Blue Heeler/Rottweiler mix. He knows what to do with a piece of meat. If he doesn't grill it he smokes it, Oklahoma style(!), and then slathers on some of his famous BBQ sauce. We all have some of Mike's famous BBQ sauce at home. You won't find anything near as good on the shelves of your local supermarket. You can buy a jar of it from Mike when you come in for your oil change!

Blake Brunmeier
Lube & Tire Technician

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