Don't Park That Cash in Your Leased Vehicle

by Doug Knust
3/2/2015 - Oacoma, SD
Leasing your next vehicle may be a more attractive option than it has ever been before.

Snickers - The Dealership Dog

by Doug Knust
2/25/2014 - Oacoma, SD
Meet Snickers - our dealership dog. Better yet, come visit her!

Do as I Say; Not as I Do!

by Doug Knust
1/10/2013 - Oacoma, SD
According the the Governors Highway Safety Association, thirty-nine states have distracted driving laws. Michigan just became the most recent. Some localities have additional regulations. (FYI: South Dakota is not on the list though several of our larger cities are.) So that means you are safe on the roads as there is no texting and driving in those states - right?

Your Actual Mileage May Vary!

by Doug Knust
11/16/2012 - Chamberlain, SD
It is fair to say that fuel consumption is a significant factor when Americans are on the hunt for their next vehicle. Recognizing this, automakers go to great lengths to tout fuel consumption in an effort to convince car buyers to buy their product. Competition is fierce, especially in a $4/gallon fuel environment. Little wonder then that car buyers are incensed over news on November 2, South Korean automakers Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America announced that they had overstated the fuel economy on nearly a million late model vehicles.

Don't Buy the Whole Cow if You Just Want a Glass of Milk!

by Doug Knust
9/27/2012 - Oacoma, SD
So you think you know what car you want. Now you have to decide whether to buy the car or lease it. For some, there is no dilemma because they either don't think leasing is right for them or they don't understand leasing.

The Granolas' Big Win

by Doug Knust
9/4/2012 - Chamberlain, SD
The "granolas" got a big win last week and almost no one noticed. The main stream media was so wound up about the Republican Convention and hurricane Isaac that they totally missed this one.

How You Can Drive a Newer, Nicer Car for Less Money

by Doug Knust
8/20/2012 - Oacoma, SD
Would you like to drive a newer, nicer car for less money? Of course you would. Virtually everyone would. What's the catch you ask? There is no catch. Let me explain...